How to Make it Easy for Your Customers to Reach You

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What features does your website need so your customers can reach you?

How to Make it Easy for Your Customers to Reach You

Website optimization is about much more than just getting the write keywords into your content. A truly optimized website will produce conversions – turning prospects into customers. Including these three things in highly-visible places on your landing page will improve your conversion rate. Of course, there are other aspects of website optimization, but these are important if you want customers to reach you.

Phone number – It should go without saying, but a phone number on a site gives people a sense of security. In the big, wide world of the Web, it's often scary to sign up for a service or order a product when all we have to reach the business is an e-mail address. A phone number sends the message that your business is legit and if something goes wrong, customers can speak to a human being.

e-mail: Studies show that actual email addresses, rather than e-mail forms, test better. Again, it's all about customers knowing their message – and money – won't just disappear into the ether.

Sense of urgency – Contact information won't help if customers don't feel a sense of urgency to act – NOW! Offer deals with expiration dates, limited quantities of product, or simply show them how their life can change for the better – immediately – if they purchase your product or service.



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