Should I focus on keywords or content?

Go for Quality

Don't trade bulk for quality when it comes to content; you have an obligation to evaluate the usefulness of your content to readers. Make it a habit to trim out the fat, replacing fluff with good stuff. Increase your traffic by offering interesting information, quality product or service descriptions, and helpful advice that solves problems. Though it may be tempting to focus merely on search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that are geared toward increasing rankings rather than providing a quality website, just remember that readership time on your site will decrease as a result of poor content. Search engines may be tricked, but readers will not. If your visitors are not impressed with your content, you'll never win the war of the words on the web. Great content is clear, simple, and easy to understand. Does your content meet those criteria? Or does it require explanation from sales people? Readers won't act on information they don't comprehend. Cut the fat and KISS--keep it simple, stupid. Communicate effectively by using smaller bits of information in clear, concise language.

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Should I focus on keywords or content?

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