What pitfalls should I avoid when hiring SEO content writers?

Exercise Caution When Hiring SEO Writers

Many people think they can write. Ads on the Internet selling courses to “become a writer overnight!” perpetuate this myth. But the truth is, talented SEO writers are specialists in a particular writing genre. The skills cannot be taught overnight, and quality SEO writers command good pay for what they do.

If you go through a job listing service or site like Craig's List, you don't know if you're getting an SEO professional. But here are some red flags that may alert you to less-than-professional SEO writers.

  • Refusal to provide references – This is a major warning sign in any industry. If the only article writing the writer has done is for their own site or for content mills, that's okay. But they should have some sort of job or personal references to show that they are dependable, reliable and easy to work with.
  • Inability to provide writing samples – If someone can't even show a sample from a site like Helium or Constant Content, this person probably doesn't have much (if any) experience with SEO content writing. If they don't have any existing samples but are willing to write a piece just for you, that shows a willingness to deliver. Nonetheless, be careful about hiring an inexperienced writer.
  • Their samples show up on Copyscape - Copyscape is a free program that lets you test the contents of any website for duplicate material (the ugly word for that is plagiarism). Run away from any writer whose work has been copied word-for-word from other sources.
Use an Agency

Would you rather have peace-of-mind that your SEO writer is experienced, knowledgeable and ethical? SEO content agencies like IdeaLaunch pre-screen writers so you know you're getting the best of the best.

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What pitfalls should I avoid when hiring SEO content writers?

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