Using Photos for Landing Page Optimization

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How can you optimize the photos on your website?

Using Photos for Landing Page Optimization


When we talk about content creation and SEO optimization for a website, we often emphasize the text – what people read about your products, service or industry. But photo optimization, especially on your website's landing page, helps, too.

Some ways to improve your landing page optimization through the use of images:

Make them clickable – A clickable image – one with a link attached to it – may improve your search engine ranking.

Tag them – Search engine Web crawlers don't “see” photos, but they do see any text related to a photo. Use ALT tags on the images so the search engines will pick up those tags. Use a description of the image that incorporates relevant keywords. Don't use keywords that don't pertain to the image.

Use captions – Both search engines and readers can view your captions. Use a caption that points out a benefit to your product and service and incorporates a keyword, too.

Experiment to find the best image – Test three different images with the same headline, caption and body copy until you find the one that gives you the most success. When you've found the best image, experiment with the copy, caption, and headline, too. Testing is crucial to determining your success.



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