Keep it Quick and Clean for Landing Page Optimization

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How can you optimize your website landing page?

Keep it Quick and Clean for Landing Page Optimization

If you want to increase traffic to your website and keep your search engine ranking high, landing page optimization is crucial. These tips, compiled from top SEO companies like WordVision and IdeaLaunch, can help.

Use bullets, bold, and italics – Eye-catching graphics (with Alt tags for SEO optimization), bullets, bold, italics and icons keep readers engaged in the fast-paced world of the Web.

Stick with one (or two, at most) fonts – Don't clutter the page and overwhelm readers with multiple fonts. Also, never mix sans serif with serif fonts.

Keep it quick-loading – Speaking of fast-paced, studies show readers won't wait longer than about 8 seconds for a page to load. Keep images small and low-res for faster loading times and don't put too many slow-to-load components on one page.

Test, test, test – Even if you follow all the landing page optimization best practices, you won't know what really works until you get in the trenches and start testing. Hire a company that specializes in website content creation, optimization and testing to guide you.



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