How to Spotlight the Benefits of Your Business

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What is the difference between a benefit and a feature?

How to Spotlight the Benefits of Your Business

Website optimization is more than just keywords and links. When you're thinking about website optimization, look at your headlines and other important copy, such as image captions and the copy on your landing page.

Emphasize benefits

The headlines on your website should draw people in by showing them the benefits of using your product or service. But what is a benefit? Simply stated, benefits are how using your product or service will enhance your customers' lives. What problem will your product or service solve?

Benefits v. features

Many people confuse benefits and features. How can you tell the difference? A benefit is something people desire. Features are typically the vehicles that permit your product or service to provide the benefits.

In other words, if the benefit is “helps prevent cancer,” the feature may be: “contains antioxidants.” But you have to make the leap of logic for your website visitors. Don't make them guess that products containing antioxidants may prevent cancer. Tell them your product may prevent cancer.

Some other common benefits include:

  • Living longer
  • Earning more money
  • Gaining more time
  • Being happier
  • Having more energy
For better website optimization, make sure your headlines, image captions and the body copy on your landing page all emphasize the benefits of your product or service.



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