Add Credibility to Your Website With These Optimization Strategies

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Add Credibility to Your Website With These Optimization Strategies

Customers want to buy from businesses and people they trust. You can use website optimization strategies to build trust with your website visitors. Implement some of these strategies on your website and then test the results:

Testimonials – Testimonials tell your prospects that other people rely on your company. The best testimonials match your prospects' industry, voice, and style. Collect enough testimonials that you can make the perfect match. Then experiment by placing your testimonials in different places. Experiment with different fonts, sizes and colors. Make sure to test your results each time you make a change.

Money-back guarantee – People are more willing to take a chance on a product or service if they see a money-back guarantee. Again, place this key benefit prominently on your page and experiment to find the best font, size and location.

Use PR to your advantage – Product reviews, news, interviews and press releases appearing in media that your prospects already trust will help you gain their trust, too. Stay in touch with the media in your industry, be willing to provide quotes when needed, and offer product samples for them to review. After stories go to press, share the links on your website. The website lists dozens of reporters each day hungry for sources – get on the list.



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