SEO Testing Methods Explained

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What types of content testing methods can site owners employ?

SEO Testing Methods Explained

You can design the most attractive website imaginable, but if it doesn't result in conversions, what's the point? You can guess at which layouts, articles, and images yield the best results – or you can use testing methods to nail down a winning website.

What types of content testing methods do businesses use?

Multivariate (or multivariable) testing – Tests many aspects of your website simultaneously within a single page, then gauges the impact of each change. Multivariate testing permits you to test a broad range of variables – including images, headlines and body copy – at one time.

Split A/B testing – Split A/B testing uses a baseline “control” sample with single variables. That is, everything except one aspect of the landing page remains the same, and testing software measures and tracks conversion rates. That variable goes back to its “control” setting, and another variable changes – and so on.

Template variation tests – You can use Google's Website Optimizer to test conversion rates with different landing page templates.



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