Which Testing Methods Work Best for Your Website?

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Which type of testing method is best?

Which Testing Methods Work Best for Your Website?

Template variation tests, multivariate testing and split AB testing all have benefits when it comes to website testing methods.

Find important conversion data with template variation tests

Template variation tests permit you to use a tool, such as Google's Website Optimizer, to test different template designs on your website to find the one that offers the best conversion rate. Template variation testing uses cookies to track visitors' action when a specific template is loaded. Template variation tests are especially helpful if you believe a cluttered design is hurting your conversion rate.

Split testing provides a starting point

Hailed as a simple, proven testing method (it's been used for decades in the direct mail industry) split testing is a good starting point for testing colors, images, headlines, and body copy. Because it tracks only one variable at a time, however, it's more limited than multivariate testing.

Multivariate testing offers creative latitude

Test multiple variations at one time with statistical modeling to reveal valid results.

Use all three for greater insight

Using a combination of all three testing methods can give you greater confidence about website optimization.



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