What Do Web Usability Tests Look For?

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What do Web usability tests look for?

What Do Web Usability Tests Look For?

Multivariate testing and split testing are forms of web usability testing that employ software to measure and track the effects of different variables on conversion rates and website optimization.

First and foremost, web usability tests want to see you've followed the KISS principle -- Keep It Simple, Stupid (or the more polite Keep It Simple and Straightforward). Visitors should be able to scan your landing page quickly and find information that will turn them into customers. Use bullet points, bold-type, graphic design elements and the famous F-shaped layout for maximum usability.

Usability testing also explores a number of other questions to ensure your visitors will have an enjoyable experience on your site:

  • How intuitive is your site to navigate? Do visitors go where you want them to?
  • Is the most important information in the most visible spots?
  • Are choices clear and obvious? It shouldn't be ambiguous, if a visitor clicks on a link, where it will take them.



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