The Truth About Conversion Testing

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What can you test using website conversion testing?

The Truth About Conversion Testing

Can testing really help improve conversions on a website? The old saying, “You can improve what you don't measure” rings true when it comes to web design.

Fortunately, a number of testing methods exist to help improve conversion rates of different layouts and other elements of your site. Some variables you may want to test include:

Images/graphics - Don't forget to test each image with different captions and placements.

Body copy – The content is a key element on your site. Make sure you're testing it to see that it's giving you the conversions your business needs to stay successful.

Headlines – These important phrases draw your readers in. Make sure they “sell and tell” and share the benefits of your products or services with readers.

Layout – Landing page layout is crucial to successful conversions. Your website's layout should not be cluttered or confusing. Every click they make should lead them to a logical next step. Surprises are only good if you're talking about birthday presents!

You can use many different testing methods to measure the usability and conversion rate of your website. Some testing methods include:

  • Multivariate testing
  • Split A/B testing
  • Template variation tests



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