What Is Split Testing?

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What is split testing?

What Is Split Testing?

Quick: flashback to ninth grade biology. Do you remember learning about control groups? The control group is the group within an experiment that stays the same.

Split A/B testing uses a baseline “control” sample with single variables. All design elements on your website stay the same but one. Conversion rates are measured and tracked.Then that variable – which may be an image, copy, headline, or font size, for instance – joins the “control group” with its original setting. Another variable changes and testing continues. At the end of the testing cycle, you'll have data showing how each aspect of your website performs when designed, laid out or written a certain way. You can select the “best of the best” elements for your site.

Why use split testing?

Split testing is a great starting point to gauge the appeal of images, colors, headlines and copy on your website. It provides straightforward answers that are easy for anyone to understand. However, split testing does not evaluate how well the best elements test with each other; this requires multivariate testing, which employs statistical modeling for in-depth results.



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