How Do Template Variation Tests Work?

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How do template variation tests work?

How Do Template Variation Tests Work?

Google's Website Optimizer provides an easy method for Web usability testing. The program permits you to experiment with different template variations until you find the one that produces the most conversions.

Getting started with a website optimizer

The website optimizer will ask you for specific information, such as:

  • Your test page template
  • Your conversion page
  • The content and variations you want to test
  • How many visitors you want to include in your experiment
Behind the scenes with a website optimizer

When a visitor clicks through to your site, a JavaScript function sets a cookie and begins to track the user's movements. When the user makes a request from the browser, the website optimizer software will test for that cookie. When a test cycle ends for a particular template, a winner is selected. Testing can proceed to the next variable.

Who needs template variation testing?

Anyone who wants to improve conversions can use template variation testing, but E-commerce site designers who want to choose between different images or copy will benefit the most.



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