How Does A Meta Tag Generator Work?

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What does a meta tag generator do?

How Does A Meta Tag Generator Work?

You can find many meta tag generators free on the Internet. A Google search of “free meta tag generator” reveals more than 7.5 million matches. Tack the word “free” onto the end, instead of the beginning, and you'll get 7.7 million to choose from.

What does a meta tag generator do?

A meta tag generator will create (that is, generate) the HTML code needed to insert meta tags into your web pages. It will create code for:

  • Your meta title tag
  • Meta charset
  • Meta description (shown on the results page of Google when your site comes up in a search)
  • Document language
  • Meta keywords tag
  • Robot-tag (tells search engine spiders which pages of your website to index)
  • Revisit-tag (tells search engine spiders how frequently they should re-evaluate your site)
How does the meta tag generator know what meta tags to use?

Keep in mind, a meta tag generator is only as good as the information you feed it. Use a keyword tool to find the best keywords for your website. Additionally, make sure the keywords you use in your title tag, meta description, and meta keywords tag match keywords on the viewable pages of your site.



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