How Not to Use Meta Keywords

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What are some of the things not to do when using meta keywords?

How Not to Use Meta Keywords

Although Google and other major search engines have stated they no longer factor meta strategies into page rankings, many SEO experts assert that it's still worthwhile to employ meta strategies.

SEO best practices note several ways NOT to use meta keywords and meta tags. Don't:

  • Use keywords not related to the content. – Search engines will penalize your site if they see meta tags not related to the content of your site. An old “Black Hat” practice used by SEO experts in the 1990s, this was a technique often used to draw traffic to spam sites.
  • “Stuff” keywords into the content. – Keyword stuffing takes many forms. You can stuff keywords into your content by using the keyword more than 20% of the time, and you can stuff meta keywords by repeating the same keyword – or slight variations of that keyword – in your meta tags.
  • Use more than eight meta tags per page. – Even if you select unique and relevant keywords, SEO best practices state you should not use more than eight tags per page.
  • Spend more time on meta strategies than on your content. – Content, the text and images people actually see on your site, is still one of the most important aspects of SEO. (Links are the other.) Your full-service SEO agency can help you select and employ the right meta strategies. Even so, meta tags should not play a large role in your SEO marketing campaign.



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