What Free SEO Tools Can Help Your Business?

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What free SEO tools are available to help my business?

What Free SEO Tools Can Help Your Business?

Google offers several free SEO tools that will help you on your quest to a better website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics tracks traffic to a website quickly, easily and concisely. Simply insert the provided code into the pages on your website, then log in to read the traffic reports, including:

  • how people find your site
  • how long they stay
  • what makes them leave
Google PageRank

This handy (and somewhat addictive) website lets you see the Google PageRank of any website, with 0 or “no ranking” being the lowest and 10 being the highest. No one knows exactly how Google calculates PageRank, but advertisers often look at this when making determinations on where to spend their dollars.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Want to know which term people search more often: money or wealth? Job or career? Health or wellness? Google Adwords' Keyword tool knows. You can type in your own keywords or get ideas for synonyms and related keywords. Track monthly search trends and which keywords have the most competition.



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