Use Twitter to Learn About SEO Copywriting

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How can I learn more about SEO through Twitter?

Use Twitter to Learn About SEO Copywriting

People use the microblog Twitter for virtually everything lately. You can use it to learn more about SEO copywriting, too. If you can't make it to a live conference, find out if a particular conference has a #hashtag on Twitter.

What's a Twitter hashtag?

Hashtags mark Twitter content so people can find it easily in a search. For instance, if I wanted to see what people were saying about SEO, I might type #SEO in the search box.

Conference hashtags

When people attend conferences, particularly within the technology industry, they tweet about their experience right from the trade show floor, seminar or lecture hall. You can learn almost as much from the Twitter buzz as you can from being at the show. And you may find additional resources mentioned, including the names of SEO experts that you want to learn more about.

Conversation hashtags

People often hold weekly conversations – essentially virtual seminars – through Twitter. For instance, a group of journalists meet and call their conversation #journchat. One SEO chat is called (take a guess…) #SEOChat. It's often easier to follow live chats through an application like TweetDeck.



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