Places to Find Free SEO Tools

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Places to Find Free SEO Tools

If you're just getting started in SEO, virtually thousands of free tools exist to help you analyze:

  • your website
  • your website's pagerank
  • your ranking compared to other sites
  • the articles published on your website

A Google search of “Free SEO Tools” turns up 26 million entries – you could spend a lifetime sorting through them! Here are a few of the more well-known free SEO tools to get you started.

Alexa Tools – Alexa's home page,, provides a wealth of information, including the top trending searches right now (updated every five minutes), the hottest websites, and sites showing the greatest increase in traffic for the month.

Free Google Tools – Google offers tools that include Page Rank, AdWords Keyword Tool, and the popular Google Analytics, a well-respected SEO tool for determining website traffic.

Other free SEO tools you should look into include tools that:

  • Check for broken links on your site
  • Measure keyword density of your website's content
  • Create a keyword cloud, a graphical representation of words commonly used on your website



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