An Ever-Changing Landscape: Content Creation and the Web

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An Ever-Changing Landscape: Content Creation and the Web

Years ago, you could stuff dozens of relevant keywords onto your Web page and get a top ranking with the search engines. Unfortunately, that meant the most useful, informative sites didn't always wind up on the first page of a search, and readers didn't get what they needed.

Soon, the SEO landscape changed and search engines caught on to this practice. Search engines began to reward quality content. Articles required just enough keywords that readers and search engines alike could quickly and easily determine a website's topic.

These developments led to a new genre of writing: web content creation. Experienced SEO content writers can create compelling copy designed to appeal to your readers and to the search engines.

Beyond Keyword Articles

Of course, SEO-optimized articles aren't the only aspect of your website the search engines judge when compiling rankings. Search Engine Optimization is accomplished via complicated algorithms that factor in:

  • Backlinks to your site
  • Traffic to your website
  • Keyword articles
  • Frequency of updates
  • Up to 200 other criteria, kept secret by the search engine companies

To complicate the process further, no one knows exactly how much each aspect counts when it comes to Web page writing.

Don't Take Chances: Hire a Professional

SEO Optimization and content creation companies understand best practices and know how to measure the results of SEO optimization. The articles they provide will be compelling to readers and help your site achieve the best search rankings, too.



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