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What sort of communication plan should I set up between my writers and my company?

Set the Communication Plan

Whenever you hire a new freelance writer, the good ones will begin your relationship by asking how you prefer to communicate (phone, email, IM, meetings, etc.), what kind of updates you want on progress and how often, and who s/he should contact in the case of questions or problems arising. Run like hell from freelancers who don't ask. Just kidding. But make it your responsibility to communicate this information as part of your plan for success. Weekly check-in is our standard for freelancers, though the medium varies (email or phone). Whatever your preferred method, good communication is vital to a successful freelance relationship. Set the expectations for communication and it can improve the quality of work you receive. Good writers want to exceed expectations, so let them know what they are.

What should I focus on when hiring writers?

Talking the Talk

You know the saying: When in Rome, speak like the Romans do. Or something like that. Before anyone writes for your website, make sure s/he knows and understands your industry vernacular. Create a list of well-known words and phrases to give to any freelance writer you hire to use in their content. According to research, matching your language to your industry connects you better with readers (and spider bots). Communicate to prospective freelancers that it's mandatory to learn and understand your industry's lingo to better resonate with readers.

Where do I find freelance writers?

Finding Freelance Writers

Hint: He's the pale, thin guy chained to his computer. There are plenty of freelance sites online that match professionals with companies, and they're open to companies and writers alike. Employers can scan writers' resumes for specific positions, and freelancers can scan company job postings. Similar to freelance sites, there are also full-time, in-house employment sites. Some freelance sites act as the go-between, handling payment issues and answering common questions about the hiring process.

Can I just hire anyone to write content?

Pick Writers with Expertise

If your customers were given the choice, they'd probably choose to speak to your product experts and customer service representatives. Keep that in mind when creating content; answer your customers' product and service questions in your content and have your employees use your content in conversation with customers. Grow your business by engaging customers with content that solves problems and answers questions in a genuine voice.

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