Three Key Components of Website Optimization

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What are the three key components to a website landing page?

Three Key Components of Website Optimization

Test different variations of your landing page (or any page on your website) for optimization after adding these three key components to your website.

Relevant image – Pictures draw people into your website, pique curiosity, and help break up text. Most people will view the image on a web page first, and make a snap decision if they want to stay or go.

Headline – If your visitors have stuck around, next they'll scan the headlines. Headlines should tell the benefit to your company's product or service – or the benefit to remaining on the page. What problem will you solve for them? How can you enhance their life? Read headlines in popular magazines and on high-ranking websites, both within your industry and outside of it. A professional copywriter can help make sure your headlines sizzle, so the readers will want to taste the steak… which is…

Body copy – Keep body copy – the text on your site – informative, engaging and benefit-oriented, as well as easy to read. Your readers have stuck around this long – congratulations! Now get ready to close the sale with stories about how your products or services have changed lives.



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