Technology for Web Usability and Conversion Testing

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What technology is available for web usability testing?

Technology for Web Usability and Conversion Testing

Many technologies exist permitting you to test the usability and conversion rates of different elements on your website. Some examples include:

Omniture testing technology – This pioneer in the field of multivariate testing permits users to test larger numbers of potential combinations faster.

Optimost – This company's technology tests landing pages, web forms, product pages, and email campaigns.

Magnify 360 – Looking to gauge the actual return-on-investment of a campaign? This web-based behavioral targeting platform can do it for you, by building and maintaining profiles of website visitors.

Site Tuners – The company's TuningEngine technology works best for large tests on high-traffic websites.

Google Website Optimizer – This multivariate and split A/B testing program – like many of Google's services – is free, user-friendly and helpful for business owners.

Don't be overwhelmed by the choices available to test your website's effectiveness and usability. Speak with a full-service Web content development and testing service to choose the software – or software combinations – that best fit your business' needs.



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