What Meta Strategies Belong on My Website?

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What meta strategies belong on my website?

What Meta Strategies Belong on My Website?

Several meta strategies, such as the use of meta tags and meta keywords, can help search engines find your website. Here are a few of the more popular methods:

Meta title tags – You wouldn't pick a book up off a shelf to read if you didn't know its title. The title of your website should tell readers what to expect, while including top keywords for your business. Search-bots as well as live readers will see your title tag.

Meta description tag – Keep this tag short but powerful, and make sure to use your best top keywords. This meta tag often appears on Google's description for your page when it comes up in search results, and it can help your click-through rate climb.

Meta keywords tag – These keywords aren't mandatory by any means, but including five to eight of your best keywords – related to content on that page – may help. Your meta keywords should be the same as the viewable keywords on your website.

Just be careful not to use too many meta keywords or meta keyword phrases because it could hurt your search engine ranking.



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