How Can A Meta Keyword Generator Help You?

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How can a meta keyword generator help your website?

How Can A Meta Keyword Generator Help You?

Determining and inserting meta keywords is a tedious process. Since Google and other major search engines index each page of your website independently, best SEO practice calls for unique meta keywords on each page.

These meta keywords should relate to the unique content on that page of your site. Ideally, you will use keywords that you also used on your site, but some Web designers also use synonyms for viewable keywords as meta keywords.

A meta keyword generator will create the HTML code needed for you to easily insert meta keywords into your website. Most work by “reading” your site, and pulling out the keywords and keyword phrases. You may be given a list of several keywords and phrases to choose from.

Select five to eight of the best keywords, and instruct the program to generate the code for those keywords.

Using a keyword generator saves time and ensures that your website employs unique meta keywords on each page, which is important. If you work with a full-service SEO agency, they can help you with meta keyword strategies.



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