Three Ways to Learn About SEO Marketing

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How can you learn the basics of SEO marketing?

Three Ways to Learn About SEO Marketing

Your business has a website, but you're not an SEO marketing expert. What can you do? Your best bet is to hire a reputable agency that will:

  • create a customized SEO marketing plan
  • provide writers to create content for your website
  • test your site to ensure positive results
But having a little background in SEO can help you select the right firm and remain involved in the process. You can learn about SEO in a number of ways.

Start with Google.

Websites that seek to inform visitors about SEO best practices that rank well on Google prove they know their stuff. (They didn't get on the first page of Google using poor SEO strategies.) Read as much as you can on the topic. Make sure articles are current. SEO standards change so fast, best practices yesterday may not apply today.

Go back to school.

Your community college may offer night courses on SEO marketing that will help raise you from the status of “SEO beginner.” If time is at a premium, consider a convenient online course that will let you learn at your own pace.

Study other websites.

Study the layouts, content and images on top-ranking sites within your field and outside of it.



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