Create SEO Content That Keeps People Coming Back

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Create SEO Content That Keeps People Coming Back

An exciting, dynamic SEO-optimized website helps the organic growth of your business by drawing customers in, building a relationship of trust, and establishing your company's executives as experts in your field. What kind of SEO content makes visitors want to return to your site again and again?

  • RSS feeds: RSS feeds and fun widgets with unique tips and advice let your customers and prospects know that you deliver value. By setting up an RSS feed, people don't have to remember to come to your site – the best parts of your site come to them.
  • eBooks: Offering free eBooks on your site (with your name as the author, of course) helps you build a mailing list and also gives people a reason to visit your site. Establish a reputation for giving away cool stuff – for free – and people will check back often to see what you have for them this week.
  • Tip of the Day: Offer subscribers to your mailing list a short, free tip in their e-mail box every day. Include a link back to your website with more information.
  • Twist that manual: Offer instruction manuals related to your products for download online. But don't make them the same boring material that most people don't read. Hire SEO content writers to create a fun, informative book full of tips for getting the most out of your product.



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